Christchurch Shower Installers

Butterfield Bathrooms has a team of shower installers who are experienced in the installation of all the major New Zealand shower brands

Christchurch Shower Installation & Replacement

Butterfield Bathrooms has a specialist team of shower installers that are responsible for all of our Christchurch shower installations. They are experienced in all the major shower brands as well as diagnosing and repairing a range of shower issues.

Leaking Shower

A leaking shower if left unchecked can cause significant problems. The first step towards resolving the issue is identifying the source of the leak. It is a good to keep and eye on the condition of your shower and it's surrounds. Signs that you have an issue you should get checked out:
- A soft or bouncy shower floor
- Shower liner lifting
- Paint at the corner of the shower lifting
- Skirtings at the shower junction swelling
- Floor coverings lifting

Atlantis lifestyle shower

Acrylic Shower Replacement

Our shower replacement service includes
- Covering and protecting floor surfaces to the best exit
- Strip out and removal of the existing shower unit
- Either clean up or replace the wall linings as required
- Updating your mixer and slide rail (depending on your scope)
- Installation of shower tray, liner and door set
- We generally select a shower liner (depending on the brand of existing shower) that is slightly large than the old unit to avoid the need for decorating touchups.

Depending on the the condition of the surrounds there may be the requirement for some additional work. The main potential issues are water damage and whether the floor is level and the walls are straight. Generally we are able to diagnose any issues before we remove the shower. As bathrooms are our specialty we are able to take care of any issues without delay.

If there are no issues then we can get your shower back up in running within 2 days.

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