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We are a full service bathroom renovation company based in Christchurch, Canterbury with a 45 year history of converting and remodeling bathrooms in the city.

Butterfield Bathroom Renovations started as part of Butterfield Home Renovations.

After working in the home renovation market for a period of time, we recognised there was a need for a company that specialises in bathrooms.

By creating Butterfield Bathroom Renovations we are able to have a team that is committed to providing quality finished bathrooms and at the same time having the support and expertise of our home renovation company to call upon if required.

Meet the Team

Neil Butterfield - Butterfield Bathrooms
Neil Butterfield
The cornerstone of Butterfield Bathroom Renovations, Neil Butterfield's legacy is etched in his four decades of unwavering dedication to the building and renovations industry in Christchurch and Canterbury. This seasoned Licensed Building Practitioner, with an additional ten years of home renovation expertise in London, traces his foundational years to Melbourne, where he honed his craft through a joinery apprenticeship.

The 70s saw Neil, with tools in hand, journeying across the globe, mastering his trade with every stop. It was during these travels that fate intertwined him with his soon-to-be Kiwi wife, culminating in his decision to make Christchurch his permanent abode. Specializing in detailed repair and renovation work, Neil stands as a veritable encyclopedia in the realm of building challenges. From rot and borer to rising damp, Neil's vast experience suggests that if he hasn't encountered a specific problem, it's likely a rarity. Entrusting a project to Neil means benefiting from a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a passion that has stood the test of time.
Guy Butterfield - Butterfield Bathrooms
Guy Butterfield
At the heart of Butterfield Bathroom Renovations lies the strategic acumen and visionary leadership of Guy Butterfield. As the guiding force behind the company's direction, Guy's primary focus now centers on overarching management, while also lending vital support to the operations and sales teams. While he initially helmed the bathroom projects, the company's growth has allowed him to concentrate more on broader business strategies.

A proud alumnus of the University of Canterbury, Guy boasts both an Engineering Degree and a Masters in Engineering Management. His early professional ventures immersed him in the meticulous world of large-scale engineering construction projects across New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom. This expansive experience instilled in him a deep appreciation for attention to detail—a principle he has seamlessly infused into every facet of Butterfield Bathroom Renovations.
Joel Crack - Butterfield Bathrooms
Joel Crack
Meet Joel Crack, our vibrant Lead Bathroom Designer at Butterfield Bathrooms. Joel brings a refreshing blend of innovative perspectives and an intuitive understanding of client needs. He doesn't just design bathrooms; he crafts stories. Each space he conceptualizes transforms from a mere functional area to a personal oasis, reflecting the individuality of its users.

Joel's approach is rooted in listening and understanding. He believes that the best designs emanate from genuine conversations and connections with clients. This ethos, combined with his relentless drive to stay updated with the latest design currents, ensures every bathroom he designs stands out as a modern masterpiece.

With Joel at the helm of your Butterfield Bathrooms project, you're not just getting a designer; you're partnering with a visionary who's passionate about turning dreams into tangible, beautiful realities.
Marcia Butterfield - Butterfield Bathrooms
Marcia Butterfield
A trailblazer in design and curation, Marcia Butterfield stands at the unique intersection of space curation and transformative design. As the mastermind behind the renowned platform "Neat Places," she's showcased her impeccable ability to discover and elevate the charm of New Zealand's diverse locales.

Transitioning this innate flair to Butterfield Bathrooms, Marcia crafts bathroom spaces that are more than just functional. They're veritable narratives of elegance, innovation, and personal expression. Drawing deep inspiration from her travels and curations, each of her projects carries an eclectic and captivating touch. Collaborating with Marcia isn't just about redesign; it's an invitation to embrace a richer, more layered experience in every corner of your space.
Nathan Tunnah - Butterfield Bathrooms - Project Lead
Nathan Tunnah
Nathan Tunnah, an esteemed Project Lead at Butterfield Bathrooms, embodies the essence of craftsmanship and precision. As a qualified builder, Nathan's expertise is underpinned by a relentless pursuit of high-quality finishes and an uncompromising standard of excellence. His dedication ensures that each project not only meets but consistently exceeds expectations. Passionate about every minute detail, Nathan's keen eye transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary masterpieces, reflecting his profound commitment to the art of impeccable construction. With Nathan overseeing a project, clients can rest assured that the outcome will be nothing short of perfection.
Martin Lodge - Butterfield Bathrooms
Martin Lodge
Martin Lodge, now steering the helm of essential bathroom and shower replacements at Butterfield Bathrooms, brings a rich tapestry of experiences and expertise to the team. Hailing from the Independent Nation of Cornwall, Martin's journey led him through the corridors of some of New Zealand's premier plumbing merchants, such as Edward Gibbons and Reece Plumbing.

Martin's mission at Butterfield Bathroom Renovations transcends mere design and implementation – it's about breathing life into your aspirations and dreams. His distinct edge lies in his meticulous attention to detail, a creatively solution-oriented mindset, and a deep-seated familiarity with the fixtures and fittings sector. These qualities ensure that every project he undertakes aligns perfectly with client visions. And with the robust support of the projects team, every one of Martin's imaginative concepts is brought to fruition seamlessly.
Mark Butterfield - Butterfield Bathrooms
Mark Butterfield
Though Mark has recently taken a step back from the day-to-day operations of Butterfield Home Renovations, his indelible influence remains woven into the fabric of the company. Mark's transition back to Gosford, Australia, his wife's hometown, may have geographically distanced him from Christchurch, but his decade-long tenure in the aftermath of the earthquakes has solidified his reputation as an unmatched technical maestro in the renovations realm.

Armed with an Engineering Degree, Mark is renowned for his deep understanding of the building code and an unwavering passion for technical detail. This expertise has crowned him the company's ultimate authority on technical solutions and code compliance. Mark's illustrious career has been punctuated by negotiation and project management roles in engineering construction projects, particularly within the mining and public sectors in both New Zealand and Australia. Even from afar, Mark's legacy and counsel remain invaluable assets to the Butterfield team.

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