Bannister Place


Create a well-proportioned family bathroom as part of a large extension project.


A space for a new bathroom was created by rearranging bedrooms, adding a master bedroom in place of the former lounge, and extending the house out the back to incorporate a new kitchen, laundry and very large multi-zone living section.

The bathroom includes a tiled shower, toilet, vanity and free-standing bath.  A 1,800mm long free-standing corner bath was selected to avoid any dead space at either end of the bath.  A 1,000mm square tiled shower was installed opposite the bath.  

A two-drawer wall-hung vanity was fitted and supplied with a recessed mirrored cabinet installed above, both finished in white.  The vanity’s location discretely screens a back-to-wall free-standing toilet suite.  All fixtures were fitted with chrome tapware.

A heated towel rail was fitted to the wall between the bath and shower to be accessible for both fixtures. A fan heater was installed above.  Under-tile electric heating was installed.  LED downlights are used for lighting, including as task lighting above the vanity.  The mirrored cabinet was fitted with a double plug inside the cabinet, to allow items such as electric toothbrushes to be charged out of site and leave the vanity surface free of clutter.


The bathroom was created in an original section of the house and the existing framing was out-of-square, which had to be fixed.  All plumbing and sewer pipe work was installed and run to the new bathroom location, which was not located near the original bathroom’s location.

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