The bathroom trends in 2020 you need to know about

Freestanding bathtubs and sinks

Often considered the epitome of bathroom luxury, freestanding bathtubs and sinks are among the most popular trends for 2020. This stunning finish never goes out of style and is capable of pairing with any décor, modern or classic. 

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Hidden storage

Do you hate clutter? Then you’ll love this trend. 2020 is all about incorporating hidden storage, allowing you to keep your toiletries, personal items and towels tucked away behind hidden storage cupboards, whilst still keeping them close at hand. 

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Diverse Tile Textures

Another popular trend this year is to incorporate a diverse range of tile textures into your bathroom. This lets you build a unique aesthetically-pleasing pattern, as well as allowing you to transform the space easily. 

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Matte Fixtures

Utilising matte-coloured fixtures is a fantastic way to create a bold statement in any bathroom. Increasingly homeowners are opting for matte black taps, countertops and even bathtubs, giving their home a stylish, modern design. 

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Modern Light Fixtures 

Another great way to boost modern design is to incorporate new, integrated lighting options such as backlit mirrors and dimmable spotlights. This is a simple upgrade to make but is one that can transform the mood of the room. 

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Two sinks

A practical and stylish design that is on the rise is the use of a ‘his and her’ private vanity mirror divide. Not only does it help to create a focal point of the bathroom, but it also lets two of you get ready at the same time! 

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High-gloss tiles

Give your bathroom a splash of colour with some high-gloss tiles. This is becoming a popular choice amongst designers and lets you create an eye-catching design to the room whilst remaining quick and easy to clean. 

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