Plumbing Pipework Issues

If you’re having issues with plumbing in your home, it’s best to address these issues as soon as possible, before they can worsen. If you’re thinking about selling your home, having faulty plumbing will have a big impact on the interest of buyers as many insurance companies won’t insure a home that has pre-existing plumbing issues. Regardless of whether you’re thinking about selling, it’s absolutely worth fixing plumbing issues, as if left over time, the issues can worsen and become extremely costly to fix.

What to look for:

• Shower pressure; has the shower pressure decreased drastically?

• Leaking taps; do your taps constantly drip and leak, even after you’ve turned them off?

• Toilet flush; do you need to flush your toilet several times in order for the bowl to drain?

• Water colour; does the water have a yellow or brown tinge to it?

These signs may indicate rusting, leaking or faulty pipes that need repairing or replacing. It’s best to talk to a plumber if you’re concerned, the sooner the better.

Pipework behind shower walls

Lifespan of pipes and drain lines:

Different materials will improve the lifespan of a pipe or drain line, but no material is everlasting. Take note of the age of your house, as it could be a good indication of when your pipes will need replacing.

Generally speaking, these are the common life spans of pipes and drain lines;

• Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) - 24-40 years

• Copper - 70-80 years

• Brass - 80-100 years

• Galvanised Steel - 80-100 years

• Cast Iron - 80-100 years

Replacing pipes:

Always get a second, or even third opinion before you decide to undertake any replacement work when it comes to plumbing. It’s a costly fix, and it’s best to get it right the first time so get advice from a few professionals. If your pipes need replacing, ensure you have an idea of what it will cost, and budget for an extra 10-15%.

If you are looking for advice on your existing plumbing set up or need a Christchurch Plumber then give us a call.

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