Knowing what you want and communicating that effectively


Knowing what you want and communicating that effectively

First of all, it’s important you are clear on what you want before you even start thinking of tile and wall colours for your bathroom. Determine your expectations and communicate them effectively to your contractor (if you are using one). If you are clear on these from the beginning it should make the whole project run efficiently.

Ask questions

Questions to consider before you start your renovations:

  • Do you want to keep the same layout or change it?
  • If you want to change the layout, where would you like your fittings (for example taps, shower heads, mixers) and fixtures (for example bath, shower, vanity, toilet) to go?
  • How big would you like your shower / bath?
  • How wide do you want your vanity to be?
  • Do you want a wall hung or floor mounted vanity? Top tip: A wall hung vanity increases the perception of space in the bathroom as it exposes more floor
  • Consider where your storage space will go.

Choosing the perfect design

In terms of design, it may pay to find some inspiration online first. We’ve collated some of our favourite bathroom looks for you to explore and which will hopefully inspire you to get a bathroom you love. Top tip: Create your own Pinterest board that you can show your designer or contractor so you can visualise the space together.

Knowing your limitations


What is your budget? Setting a budget at the very beginning of the project will enable you to make informed decisions as you go through the process. Subtract the labour costs from your budget and then you’ll have a clear idea of how much you have to spend on paint, tiles, fixtures and all that other fun stuff.


There are loads of ways to create the perfect bathroom no matter the size of the space. If you are limited on space, have a read of our article on how to make the most of a small bathroom.


The more complicated the bathroom, the longer it will take to renovate. For example, tiling your bathroom will add at least one week to the project.

Anything that will move your drainage will require a consent and associated inspections. Consider this when establishing your time frame.

Feature image: Busken Photography

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