Exhaust Fans for Your Bathroom

Both heating and ventilation is essential to creating a bathroom free from condensation and mold. While a heater is an obvious fix for a heat issue, creating a good airflow and ventilation is not as easy. An exhaust fan is one way to ensure that moisture buildup and condensation is quickly dealt with, so that mold is not able to grow.

Ceiling extraction

How do they work?

Exhaust fans suck hot or humid air out of a room which is then expelled outside using a ducting system. Fresh air is then able to enter the room through either a doorway or vent, helping to keep the room moisture free.

Windows vs exhaust fans

Ideally, a window is an efficient way to air out a room and ensure there is a continuous flow of fresh air into the bathroom. However, windows are not always positioned in such a way that this is possible, and in some bathrooms there can be an absence of windows. Exhaust fans can then be an extremely effective way of expelling moisture filled air from a room.

Size and speed

It’s important to factor in the size of your bathroom when selecting an exhaust fan. Bigger sized rooms may require a larger fan, as it will need to expel a larger quantity of air. However speed is also an important component too. Measure the size of your bathroom to establish the size and speed of the fan required. Broadly speaking, for every 4.5 sq metres of floor area, the fan needs to be able to move one cubic metre of air per minute. However, if any doubt talk to an installer or technician before the installation day.

Feature image: Universal Fans

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