What You Need To Know when Choosing A Toilet

It sounds like a simple task, but there is a lot to think about when choosing a toilet. New technology has improved the environmental impact and user experience of a toilet, from comfort and flushing technology to water efficiency and even, style. Although almost all toilets are made of porcelain and come mostly in white, there are a huge range of shapes, styles, sizes and styles, and if you’re willing to pay a bit extra, you can get a loo in any colour!

Image source:  Home Portfolio
Image source: Home Portfolio

Toilet Types


A dual-flush toilet has a special flush mechanism to allow the user to choose between two types of flush, a light or a more powerful flush. This type of toilet is great for the environment as you control the amount of water used in the flushing.

Image Source:  Kitchenologie
Image Source: Kitchenologie
Wall or floor-mounted toilet

A floor mounted toilet is one where the bowl attaches to the floor and where the drainage goes, whereas a wall mounted toilet attaches to the wall. The placement of a toilet on the wall is dictated by existing plumbing and where the pipes are positioned. Wall mounted toilets will need additional reinforcement in the wall to sustain the weight of the person sitting on them.

Round or oval-shaped toilet bowls

Round bowls are shorter and great for smaller bathrooms where space is limited. Most toilet bowls are round so there is more variety, however an elongated bowl is more comfortable (and great for larger bathrooms).

One piece vs two piece toilets

You have the choice between a traditional two-piece toilet or a wall hung one piece toilet. Two piece toilets have the cistern located separately to the bowl, whereas a one piece toilet integrates both the bowl and the cistern as a single unit, making it stylish and easy to clean.

Image Source:  Dummies.com
Image Source: Dummies.com
Water efficient toilets

Where possible, opt for a toilet with a low flow cistern with a four and five star WELS rating. These toilets will save water and help the environment, and are also good for areas where water restrictions are common.

Other toilet features you may like to consider

Automatic flush toilets

These types of toilets are common in commercial areas like restaurants. They have a sensor monitor which flushes automatically when the user steps away from the toilet.

Hands-free, paperless toilets

The most fancy toilet on the market! These toilets have lids that open and close automatically and cleaning and drying arms appear as needed. Flushing also occurs as you step away from the toilet, amazing!

Slow-close toilet seats

Slow close toilet seats have special hinges that make sure the bowl quietly closes, as opposed to closing with a bang.

Heated toilet seats

Things are getting fancy with a heated toilet seat. Great for those cold winter mornings, heated toilet seats only require a small amount of electricity to keep the toilet seat at a steady, comfortable heat.

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