Califont - Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water

Are you looking for a new hot water system? Whether you are moving home or need to replace your existing system, finding the right solution can be tough. If you have been researching different options, then the chances are you have come across the term califont – but what exactly does it mean? We thought we would take a closer look.

 What is a califont?

The term califont is only usually used here in New Zealand and refers to an on-demand hot water system that is powered either by gas or electricity. The system can often be known as a continuous flow gas hot water heater or an instant hot water heater, but at the core, they are all the same.

 How does a califont work?

A califont works in a very similar way to most standard water heaters, except for one major benefit, there is no need for a large storage tank. That means that when you turn on your hot water tap, cold water travels through your pipes to the unit and is then heated by either an electric element or a gas heater.

This means that you can enjoy a continuous flow of hot water in your kitchen or bathroom without having to wait for your tank to fill up. However, while you can enjoy non-stop hot water, there is often a limited flowrate, which means you might find that there are fluctuations in temperature if you’re using multiple hot water taps at the same time.

 The Benefits of a Califont System

Alongside being able to enjoy a continuous flow of hot water, a califont heater can also provide you with a wide range of additional benefits. The primary is that you can save significant space in your property by the fact you will not need a hot water tank. It can also boost your water pressure, which makes them a popular choice for apartments.

The fact that a califont heats the water at the point makes it afar more efficient solution, too, as you will only be paying for the hot water you use and not to keep hot water stored on site. While you may find your new system is efficient you have to be away that with an endless supply of hot water you may in fact end up using more water

If you are currently on a low-pressure system upgrading to a califont will give you a mains pressure flow, which means strong hot shower!

Looking to install a califont heater?

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