5 Water saving tips for your bathroom

The bathroom is often the biggest source of water usage, and water waste, in your home. Fortunately there are ways to reduce your water usage and lower your electricity bill. Here are some simple steps which will help make a difference.

1- Choose a water efficient toilet

Toilets use 10% of your total water usage per annum so look for a high efficient toilet (HET) to save up to 50 per cent water usage per flush. Do your research the next time you’re buying a toilet and opt for a water-saving option. Replace your older, less efficient toilet with a 4.5/3L Dual Flush toilet.

The Water Efficiency and Labelling Standards stickers (WELs) will guide you towards making the best selection of a water efficient toilet. The higher the stars the more efficient the toilet

Image credit: Caroma

Image credit: Caroma

Whilst a water efficient toilet is a must have for saving water, you can’t beat the Caroma Profile 5 Toilet Suite with an integrated hand basin – it’s a great space saver if you have a small bathroom too.

2- Shower water efficiency

There are some cheap and easy ways to save water when showering.

Choose a showerhead with a dual-control lever, which will enable you to reduce or turn off water when you are washing your self. Choose a WELS 3 star rated water-conserving showerhead and save thousands of litres of water per year.

Example of a water rating

Consumer New Zealand has done a review of the most efficient showerheads.

3- Insulate your bathtub

Although bathtubs are known to use a lot more water than a shower, by insulating your bathtub you are saving energy and money. Heat is lost through the sides and the base of the bath (especially if it is installed alongside an outerwall), so prevent this from happening by coating the outside of the bath walls with spray on foam.

Image credit: Town House Home

Image credit: Town House Home

4- Check for leaks

You can waste 2,000 litres per month from just one leaking tap. Check your taps, toilet and showerhead regularly for any leaks.

Leaking sliver mixer tap over sink with plywood cladding behind

5- Other (free!) water saving ideas

  • Keep your showers short and capture the cold water whilst your shower is heating up to put in your garden, toilet tank or washing machine.
  • Turn the tap off while brushing your teeth
  • Fill the sink when shaving and only rinse the razor under the tap when you have finished
  • Place a brick in the top of the toilet cistern to reduce water usage per flush.

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